1-800 Numbers

Virtual 1-800 Numbers Made Simple

Virtual 1-800 numbers are how some businesses grow in more than one city, region, or country. They are a powerful, cost-effective, and proven way to build brand awareness. It doesn’t matter if a company is tiny or huge, it can experience the impact of using a 1-800 virtual phone number to forward customer calls anywhere worldwide, including to mobile devices, call centers, or home offices. Here how it works: if companies in Brazil want to expand to the United States, then they should consider obtaining US toll free numbers and directing customer calls back to a location in Brazil. Virtual 1-800 numbersprovide businesses with legitimacy and they demonstrate to customers that the companies that use them are to be trusted.

How Do Businesses Optimize 1-800 Numbers?

Smart businesses look for ways to maximize the use of 1-800 numbers throughout their organizations. For example, they should consider integrating toll free forwarding into all of their operational, customer care, sales, and marketing procedures. Are 1-800 numbers being answered by reps in the right languages and during the correct hours of operation? Have 1-800 numbers been placed in all direct response and promotional campaigns, and used to test ad creative? Can products be developed and delivered to the customers calling the toll free numbers in the proper time frames and with adequate operational support? Some organizations supplement 1-800 numbers with features such as international ringback tones, hosted PBX, failover routing, day/time call routing, and voicemail and fax to email.