1800 Numbers For Better Business

1800 Numbers — A Brief History

AT&T launched the first 1800 number in 1967 without much fanfare. It was originally intended to help operators manage collect calls. At first, the 1800 number was too expensive to active except by a few large catalog and direct-response businesses. The telecommunications landscape, however, shifted radically in 1984 with the breakup of AT&T and the Bell System.

After this breakup, many businesses were able to utilize 1800 numbers to promote themselves, and found they had better direct response rates with advertisements and promotions as a result. The 1800 number became well know on everything from TV infomercials to radio spots, to even being included as part of company names.

How Can a 1800 Number Help Businesses?

So what is a 1800 phone number, and how can it help companies expand their brands?

One thing is for certain: customers can be finicky and don’t have a lot of patience when it comes time to contact a new company about its products and services. A 1800 number is a toll free number, or freecall number, is a phone number that allow customers to call your business for free: it’s a simple and proven way to get a new business relationship off on the right foot.

Not only is that the right price for a person looking to do business with your company, but it also instantly makes the potential customers believe your brand is reputable and well-established. Customers will automatically place a company at a higher level of credibility when deciding on whether to make a transaction.

Customer Calling of the Future: Virtual 1800 Numbers

1800 numbers are also a  how your business can grow in more than one city, region, or country. With a virtual toll free number, you are able to route customer calls to any telephone worldwide: mobile, home office, or contact center. If a business is based in Mexico City and wants to do business in Houston, it can activate a US 1800 number and forward the calls back to Mexico, or anywhere it chooses. Some organizations direct a toll free number to a central call center to minimize staff and relocation costs, and to maximize training and call response. A 1800 number can even be integrated with features such as voicemail- and fax-to-email, call transfer, SiP (VoIP) forwarding, and call recording.

No matter the reason, a number that uses a toll free or local prefix provides assurances that a company has a major presence inside a country, even if it is located in a faraway locale.

The cost is relatively inexpensive in many countries, and the impact can be huge. Customers won’t dial international numbers or ones with confusing prefixes. It’s important for businesses to give themselves the competitive edge and a boost in response by purchasing and activating a 1800 phone number.

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