1800 Phone Number

Customers Prefer a 1800 Phone Number

One thing is for certain: customers can be finicky and don’t have a lot of patience when it comes time to contact a new company about its products and services. A 1800 phone number is a simple and proven way to get a new business relationship off on the right foot. Customers will automatically place a company at a higher level of credibility when deciding on whether to make a transaction. The cost is relatively inexpensive in many countries, and the impact can be huge. Customers won’t dial international numbers or ones with confusing prefixes. It’s important for businesses to give themselves the competitive edge and a boost in response by purchasing and activating a 1800 phone number.

1800 Phone Number Tips and Tricks

Getting a 1800 phone number can often happen in just minutes. However, there are many ways to maximize its use within a company over the next few months or years. Some organizations utilize a virtual 1800 phone number to forward calls from its customers to any location. For example, a large organization can forward telephone calls to a central call center, while a smaller company might choose to divert calls to a home or mobile phone. Some businesses use a vanity number to make a splash by spelling out a message or company name to use in all online, offline, and broadcast media. There are also a number of add-on features available with a 1800 number, including call recording, simultaneous and sequential call forwarding, hosted PBX, SIP (VoIP) forwarding, failover routing, and fax and phone to email.