Why Choose 1800Number.net

Virtual Phone Center

1800Number.net’s progressive administration system allows users to fully control the array of features at their fingertips, anywhere, anytime. Adding new local or international numbers takes just 3 minutes thanks to the control center, and set-up assistance is always available to guarantee that account setup is easy and stress-free. Choose from a long list of available international toll-free and local phone numbers that best fit your company’s business. 1800Number.net’s Voicemail-to-email allows your company to track and file voicemails, while making them accessible to anyone with access to a PC or smartphone. The fully customizable voice menu will guide callers to the correct department, cutting down confusion and leading to customer satisfaction.

Advanced Call Routing

Call routing is a vital part of of setting up your new toll free number. Set-up a new number and connect it to your current number, instantly. 1800Number.net’s system allows users to manage unlimited extensions by taking advantage of simultaneous and sequential ringing, sophisticated time of day routing, and an elaborate call transfer system, all of which work together to ensure that no call ever gets dropped. The best part? Our advanced system is included with the price of your new number!

Private Branch Exchange Network

Ditch your bulky, unreliable fax machine and use 1800Number.net’s Fax-to-Email system, which turns received faxes into .PDF or .TIFF files and forwards them to a designated email address for convenience organizational convenience. Ever call a foreign country and notice that their ringback tone is different? Each country has a specific ringback tone, and 1800Number.net makes sure that all of the country-specific ringback tones are available. A customizable caller identification option means that users can have either the caller’s number displayed, or the 1800Number.net number that was dialed.

Failover Routing

The importance of a strong failover routing system cannot be understated. 1800Number.Net is proud to offer a system that will never result in a caller receiving a busy-tone, or worse yet: an error message. If a caller can’t get through to the primary number on the account, our system will automatically forward the call to the backup numbers listed. Should a primary SIP destination not respond, the call will be rerouted to a secondary SIP. Utilize a combination of these two features to set-up failover routing to up to 15 PSTN numbers or SIP devices. No call will fall through the cracks.

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