The Benefits of 1-800 Numbers For Your Enterprise

The Benefits of 1-800 Numbers For Your Enterprise

During the late 1990’s, a shift occurred in the consensus opinion of 800 numbers. Since their introduction in the 1960’s, 800 numbers had only been considered a vital commodity for medium-to-large size corporations because the investment it costed to have these sorts of phone numbers far outweighed the necessity for their mass inception. Yet around 1996-1997, the use of 800 numbers increased in all sizes of businesses alike because of the shift towards a digitized, technological paradigm for businesses that consumers expected and ultimately increased productivity (and revenue).

The need for 800 numbers is ever-present today, and have become vital components of communication solutions for several international businesses interested in obtaining a presence in the United States. 800 numbers are also important for smaller, more localized enterprises with ambitions of presenting themselves in the same capacity as a larger, widespread corporation. These numbers establish a legitimacy for a company and have become a standard that consumers measure a company’s status by.

Still not convinced your burgeoning business needs an 800-number? What if I told you that in the long run, it will save you (and your employees!) money? By designing an 800-number with trunks and corresponding internal extensions if necessary, employees can reach the office and other employees easily and for free using an 800-number system. It’s time not just think big, but think GLOBAL, and the firsts step is creating an 800-number that will legitimize the image your company presents as well as centralize your enterprise’s communications system!

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