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Future Apple iPhone X Models May Feature Curved Display and Touchless Gesture Control

Apple wants to stay ahead of the competition and make curved smartphone displays stylish again. While Samsung experimented with it, the coque samsung j5 2017 walking dead idea failed in the past. Apple is planning to revive it with their iPhone X and curved displays may be used in next generation models.

Based on earlier rumors, it is speculated that the Cupertino company has planned coque iphone 7 to launch three different variants of the iPhone X and one of them will be an affordable choice for most buyers. The iPhone X was a groundbreaking launch in many ways coque samsung j3 led as after almost a decade the company finally got rid of coque samsung j3 paris the home button and upgraded it to an OLED display.

According to coque 3d stitch samsung j3 2017 a report published by Bloomberg, Apple is samsung j5 2017 coque homme working on multiple new technologies to make the iPhones truly futuristic. The company wants to implement gesture controls which we assume may refer to identifying the position of user hand and open or close apps. The iPhone X is already designed to support lots of gestures including pinch to zoom, coque samsung galaxy j3 2016 noir open or close apps with a swipe.

These gestures are designed to make it easier coque samsung j3 2016 tronconneuse and more intuitive to interact with the touchscreen display in the absence coque samsung j4 plus voiture of the home button. While Bloomberg doesn explicitly reveal how touchless gesture controls would work, coque samsung a20 Motorola has already implemented coque iphone 4 it where you can wake up your phone by waving your hand over the display.

The new iPhone will also feature a curved display which is the second technology that Apple engineers are working on. As coque samsung j3 2017 des sables mouvants Samsung has been working coque samsung j3 2016 handball on curved displays for a long time, it coque samsung j3 2016 avec des fleur not surprising to see something similar being proposed by Apple. The technology, however, coque avec phrase samsung j5 2016 might take and may not be seen in iPhone models until coque samsung note 1 2020 or so.

Can Apple Make Curved Displays Stylish Again

Samsung used curved displays on many models including the Galaxy Note Edge, Galaxy S4 and even had coque samsung a70 coque touchless gestures available on their phones coque iphone xr four years ago. The big question is can Apple make curved displays stylish again

While other manufacturers coque samsung j5 2015 miroir do their best to usher in new technologies, it just doesn catch up in the world until Apple does it. Some great examples are ditching Flash Player entirely which Apple did years samsung j5 2016 coque chocolat ago and the introduction of the top notch which coque samsung galaxie j3 squeshy is now adopted in OnePlus 6 as well as the Asus Zenfone 5.

Going by the trend, Apple just might make the industry adopt curved displays and possibly may make OLEDs common on all other smartphones. At present, they are found primarily in Samsung phones and used sparsely by other manufacturers…

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