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It’s become easier than ever for companies to reach new customers in other cities or parts of the world. You can take your international communication one step further by using a toll free number to demonstrate that you value potential customers by not expecting them to spend money on the call. Use of a 1800 number and other toll free prefixes have also been known to increase response to advertising and is available in many countries around the world.

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Setting up your new international number is a cinch! We have 1800 toll free and local numbers available in over 100 countries, and once you pick your number, we will active it instantly. There’s no complicated setup, equipment, or hidden fees. With our advanced hosted PBX system (which is included with your new 1800 number!) we use call forwarding to connect directly to your existing phone system. You’ll be ready to receive calls in less than 5 minutes!

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Whatever your strategy, has everything you need to get started. Choose your country and your 1800 number today!