Globalization 2014: The State of International Business

Globalization 2014: The State of International Business

With more and more companies needing to grow and gain access to as many markets as possible in order to turn enough of a profit to survive, it seems the concept of globalization has become as important as ever in 2014. Maintaining a presence in just one concentrated market has become an almost unrealistic and ultimately unprofitable model. So how can a growing enterprise use 21st century advancements to further expand their entrepreneurial horizons? The following are some quick steps for your enterprise to consider during the growth process:

A) Don’t Neglect the Niche: Ensuring that marketing strategies also appeal to smaller, targeted audiences and show your service/product/brand in a light people may not have previously considered. Engaging multiple audiences should always be a primary function of marketing strategies on any platform.

B) Introducing VoIP Systems: Voice-over IP will allow your company to make local and international calls for a reduced cost in comparison to traditional fees. Using a VoIP service is a great way to expand your business’ presence while simultaneously reducing expenses.

C) Consider Your Market Family: Know and understand the culture, commerce, demographics, interests, morals, social standards and language of EVERY market that your company not only maintains a presence in, but also has intentions of expanding in to.

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