International Call Forwarding

Businesses Expand to New Markets with an International Phone Number

Businesses in a global economy need to pay attention to market trends in order to grow their brand. With the popularity of the internet and international commerce, borders have less meaning, and there are more opportunities for global business than ever before. Utilizing a virtual 1-800 number allows businesses to promote products and services in one location, while route the calls back to a completely different location. If a company based in China wants to do business in the UK, it can utilize toll free forwarding to route calls from UK customers back to China, or to any third-party location it selects.

Toll-free forwarding is sometimes referred to as call routing, follow the sun, call hunting, virtual numbers, and find me/follow me. Businesses can utilize virtual 1-800 numbers to promote products to a wider audience than ever before, without the hassle of having to establish multiple locations in different areas. Integrating toll-free options like hosted PBX, unlimited extensions, customizable voice menu (IVR), simultaneous and sequential ringing, only make the process easier, and more dynamic.

It’s not always easy to find new customers, and it can be made even more difficult if they face unnecessary obstacles like having to dial an international phone number. With toll free forwarding, companies can expand their brand and establish legitimacy without having to relocate. Small business owners can use a toll-free number to try out new markets without a lot of startup costs or overhead. Larger organizations can avoid the headaches and hassles associated with training and recruiting call center staff in distant locations.

What to Consider Before Using International Forwarding

Before a business activates a new toll free phone number they need to make sure their different departments are in order. Aligning the operations department, customer care, sales, and marketing departments is crucial for the process to work effectively. Has the company provided training to representatives for handling a heavy load of new calls? Will the company provide incentives for sales? How will it handle product development and fulfillment? Is support for additional languages needed for call center and marketing staff? Has it expanded call center hours?

Companies can introduce their new toll free phone number on all communications. Using the number as a marketing tool in newspaper and magazine ads, radio and TV spots, online ads and websites, even booth and vehicle wraps is a smart and creative way to create an association between your company and the toll free number.

A toll free number takes on more responsibility than just a phone number; it becomes an integral part of a brand, and part of its integrity.

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