Marketing Tips for 1800 Numbers

Virtual 1800 numbers have proven to be a powerful, cost-effective way to build brand awareness. It doesn’t matter if your company is tiny or huge, it can experience the impact of using a virtual number to forward customer calls to anywhere in the world, including to mobile devices, call centers, or home offices.

Getting a 1800 phone number can often happen in minutes. However, there are many ways to maximize its use within a company over the next few months or years Here’s our advice:

Vanity Numbers

When a company purchases and activates a virtual 1800 number free or toll free number, it now has a valuable tool that it can use to market its products and services. 1800 numbers are often used by businesses of all sizes to drive a higher direct response rate. One way to make the most of a toll free number is to use a vanity 1800 number to make it easier for a customer to remember it. These phone numbers use a word, part of a word, or an acronym, and were popularized in the mid-1990s by toll free pioneers 1-800-Flowers.

Comprehensive Branding

Your new number  can be used as part of all online, offline, and broadcast media campaigns. Be sure to use it throughout all promotional and marketing efforts, including: sales sheets, brochures, product catalogs, letterheads, business cards, billboards, vehicle wraps, building signage, TV commercials, radio spots, social media, emails, enewsletters, and trade show displays.

Test Advertising

In addition to your main vanity or toll free number, you can use additional toll free numbers for key advertising campaigns or ad groups. With these unique numbers you can easily measure the effectiveness of your various campaigns or marketing outreach tactics. You can use this data to continually adjust your message, yielding greater results while saving you money!


Another way to maximize the effect of your toll free number is to integrate that number into all of your operational, customer care, and sales procedures. Are 1-800 numbers being answered by reps in the right languages and during the correct hours of operation? Have 1-800 numbers been placed in all direct response and promotional campaigns, and used to test ad creative? Can products be developed and delivered to the customers call the toll free numbers in the proper time frames and with adequate operational support?

Look into Supplemental Features

Your new number should come with additional features that will help you effectively manage your inbound and outbound call volume. offers everything from call recording, simultaneous and sequential calling, hosted PBX, SIP (VoIP) forwarding, and failover routing.

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