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asleep for 9,000 years, today, Saturday, May 2, Custodie e cover : Silver_river Donna Manica Lunga Costume da 2020 06:05 pm

A PARENTAL ADVISORY BLACK AND WHITE LINE Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 new study revealed that the sun, although it is the most RIHANNA SEXY POSE Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 important source of energy for life on Earth, is sleepy compared to other stars in the universe.

Astronomers from the Max Planck Institute in Germany compared the sun to hundreds of similar stars, Crea custodia a libro o flip cover per iPhone XSAcDigitale using data from NASA Kepler space telescope.

The researchers say it is not clear Docrax iPhone XR Cover Custodia Portafoglio in Pelle Porta Carta whether the sun has been through a quiet period for 9,000 years or is it less bright than other similar stars.

were very surprised that Custodia a portafoglio per iPhone 6 6S 7 – Iwallet 2 most sun like stars are much more active than the sun, said Dr. Alexander Shapiro of the Max Planck Institute.

The scientists narrowed the first sample of the candidates from the measurement data FYY Cover iPhone 11 Custodia iPhone 11 6.1"[Funzione di Staffa recorded by Kepler, chose to look at the stars with rotation periods ranging from 20 to 30 days (the Pink Flamingo Design iPhone custodias sun RUSSELL WESTBROOK Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 rotation period is 24.5 days), and identified 369 stars comparable to the sun in color, mass, composition, age, temperature, and average rate Rotation, Custodia IPHONE 7 Cover Libro Portafoglio Finestra Doppia Chiusura then compared the brightness change of those stars as Kepler recorded with the change in the sun brightness.

The results showed that the sun is very weak, compared Custodia Per Apple iPhone X / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 8 A to most other stars, by about five times.

is possible that the sun was going through a quiet phase for thousands of years, and therefore RAVENCLAW HARRY POTTER Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 we have a distorted image of our star, said Dr.

According to the researchers, the extent of the solar activity, and thus the PIERCE THE VEIL FRANKENSTEIN AVAGE STATIC Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 number of sunspots, can be reconstructed using scale methods.

The researchers were able to look FYY Cover iPhone 8 Plus Custodia iPhone 8 Plus Cover iPhone 7 at the ancient records on the activity of our star for 9,000 iPhone 5S Custodia iPhone 5 Custodia iPhone SE Cover Silicone years, and they said that Custodia a Libro per Smartphone 4.7" – 5.3" Nero – Custodie iPhone it remained somewhat uniform during that Custodia iPhone 7/8 Plus Cover Libro Portafoglio Moon mood period.

to the entire age of the sun, 9,000 years is like a blink of an eye, explained the researchers laxikoo Custodia iPhone 11 Cover iPhone 11 Trasparente TPU from the Max Planck Institute.

Since there is no way to know how Custodia iPhone 6 a libro touch di Aiino la nostra recensione active the Sun was Custodia a Portafoglio Rimovibile 2 in 1 Zipped per iPhone 11 in primitive times, scientists can only resort to stars as a comparison.

Max Planck researchers, in cooperation with colleagues from the University of New South Wales in Australia and SEATTLE SOUNDERS FC ICON Cover Samsung Galaxy S4 the College of Space Research in South Korea, investigated whether the sun behaved compared to other stars.

speed at which a star revolves around its axis is a critical variable, explains Dr.

Solanki says that this rotational speed contributes to the creation of its magnetic field, which is driving force responsible for all fluctuations in activity added: state of the magnetic field determines the number of times the sun sends active radiation and particles receive at high speeds in space in violent explosions, the number of dark sunspots and bright areas on its surface, and therefore also the brightness of the sun. is unclear why the sun is less active, and researchers say our sun can differ from similar stars in ways that are not recognized or explained by science to date…