Toll Free Forwarding

The Basics of Toll Free Forwarding

Toll free forwarding is sometimes referred to as call routing, follow the sun, call hunting, virtual numbers, and find me/follow me. Businesses utilize virtual 1-800 numbers to promote products and services in more than one location, and the calls are routed back to them at a location of their choosing. For example, if a company is based in China but wants to do business in the UK, then it can utilize toll free forwarding to route call from UK customers back to China, or to any third location it selects: customer care center, home office phone, or even a mobile phone. Companies sometimes integrate toll free options like hosted PBX, unlimited extensions, customizable voice menu (IVR), simultaneous and sequential ringing, dynamic caller ID, and international ringback tones.

Toll Free Forwarding Boosts Business

It is not always easy to find new customers, and it can be made even more difficult if they face unnecessary obstacles like having to dial an international phone number. With toll free forwarding, companies can expand their brand without having to spend time and money on additional brick and mortar offices, or hiring representatives in other locations. Small business owners can use a toll free or 1800 number to try out new markets without a lot of startup costs or overhead. Larger organizations can avoid the headaches and hassles associated with training and recruiting call center staff in distant locations. Toll free forwarding is also a great way to test promotional and advertising materials by creating more than onevirtual phone number to see which campaign performs the best.