Virtual Phone Number

The ABC’s of a Virtual Phone Number

If a country is interested in expanding across the street, across a region, or to another country, then a virtual phone number can be a valuable business tool. First of all, a virtual 1800 or local phone number provides companies with the ability to forward customer phone calls to any locale, including mobile smart phones, home office lines, or customer call centers. For entrepreneurs or small businesses, a virtual number can help quickly extend a brand nationally and internationally. For larger organizations, a virtual number can be forwarded to a centralize sales and customer care center. A virtual phone number is also known as call forwarding, toll free forwarding, follow the sun, call routing, find me/follow me, and call hunting.

A Virtual Phone Number Helps Companies Connect with Customers

Companies looking to expand to alternate locales should consider the expansion from the point of view of their potential new customers. For example, people don’t usually want to obtain products and services from businesses that use an international number or unfamiliar prefix. With a virtual phone number, businesses can promote local or 1-800 numbers in a variety of markets and in a variety of ways, providing signals of credibility and legitimacy to customers.

How Businesses Can Integrate a Virtual Phone Number

Before companies expand to new markets they should consider the organizational impact. A virtual phone number is a powerful and cost-effective tool, but businesses should still put in place a plan for integrating it into their business processes. Everything from product development and fulfillment, customer care, HR, training, sales, and marketing need to be considered. To maximize money, time, and resources some organizations use toll free forwarding to direct calls to a single hub optimized to handle calls in the right languages and time zones. Many companies integrate a virtual number into all their promotional and marketing campaigns, and look for opportunities to add on features such as hosted PBX, simultaneous and sequential ring, day/time call routing, and call recording.

Is a Virtual Phone Number the Right Business Decision?

So just how does a company know if a virtual phone number is the right decision? Any company – small, medium, or large – can get big dividends and cost savings from using a virtual local or 1800 phone number. Professions and industries using a virtual phone number include BPO and IT professionals, airlines, travel agencies, hotels and resorts, creative and marketing agencies, government agencies, non-profits, and internet and ecommerce companies.